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DJ Aaron James

“Always professional, his music fresh, his energy boundless, his style versatile - from corporate events to fashion forward parties; Aaron James continues to be one of Louis Vuitton's favorite DJs.”


Lauren J. Silverstein. Special Events Manager

Louis Vuitton, North America

"Aaron always delivers a perfect balance of energetic, upbeat music mixed with the best classics.  I'd recommend him for any event."

Brett Fahlgren, Style Correspondent
GQ Magazine

"Aaron's enthusiastic energy, consummate professionalism, and unique, out-of-the-box music style is the perfect marriage with Creative Edge's out-of-the-box philosophy for events.  I always feel confident putting Aaron up in front of clients ... confident that he will provide a soundscape that is both accessible and constantly surprising."

Carla Ruben, Founder 
Creative Edge Parties

“Aaron embodies the perfect mix of creative and business sense for any special event or nightclub gig. He can gracefully mix rock into house and make it sound like the song was produced that way. He understands the importance of clients' needs for atmosphere and is very hands-on in working with them to make it happen seamlessly.”

Karrie Goldberg, CEO

Kage Konsulting

"DJ Aaron James always knows exactly what I need and want for events.  He's always professional and knows how to work his crowd.  He has a unique style that's contagious.  One of the most reliable DJs I've worked with."

Jennifer Tryon, Marketing Coordinator

Marie Claire Magazine

Aaron not only ‘gets’ the crowd, feels their mood and creates the perfect vibe for each environment, he also brings a creative flair to every project, giving it his signature feel.  From a professional standpoint he is a dream to work with - probably the only DJ you could describe as reliable, responsible and respectful of both his clients and my own.”

Rebecca Babcock, Associate Merchandising Manager

Lucky Magazine

"Aaron never ceases to amaze, whether working the crowd at upscale corporate events or rocking the hottest clubs.  He is always on-point and has amazing talent.  His style is inventive, energetic and fresh.  Aaron constantly blows people's minds on the dance floor."

Michele Pokowicz, Event Producer

Match Catering and Eventstyles

"As lead producer on a variety of events, I love having Aaron in my back pocket.  He never lets me down when it comes to adding a great vibe.  From the Wall Street Journal to opening night for a Tony Award-winning show, he can play to any client.  While I’ve worked with the best-known DJs in the world for the award shows I produce, I will take Aaron over anyone.  I just love his hard work and fantastic personality."        

Mara Medoff 

Medoff Inc

"Aaron's abilities run the gamut.  He has proven himself extremely flexible in accommodating my clients' wishes:  Whether they are Louis Vuitton or a bride and groom, he customizes his music to suit their individual tastes.  His demeanor is always friendly, and he is extremely reliable … which in the event industry means everything."

Jennifer Blummin, Director

Sky Studios New York 

"At a recent high-profile event for Travel + Leisure, Aaron was the featured entertainment for the post dinner phase of the evening.  His aesthetic sensibilities were spot on. Through the course of the evening his sound portraits were unobtrusive yet energetic, relevant and diverse, totally appropriate to the guest demographic … and even caliber." 

Dean Christopher, Event Designer

"Aaron is the hottest resident dj Kush has ever had!  His profound sensibility for music, versatile repertoire of styles, combined with his innate, unparalleled ability to watch and read the crowd make him ideal.  He makes it his personal mission to figure out the room every night and get the crowd jumping.  He has also covered many special events here requiring completely different styles, and has always come carefully prepared with the right music and the perfect mix.”

Mark Osborne, Owner/GM

Kush Lounge (New York)

“I have spent the better part of 20yrs in the entertainment industry and can state unequivocally that I have met few individuals with the competency, passion, dedication and professionalism of Aaron James.  I am most grateful to Aaron who has been the cornerstone of the premiere event on Wall Street which I have produced the last four years.  I have been privileged to witness some of the world's top money managers completely lose themselves to his magical mixes.  For anyone interested in having music at an event, any event, Aaron is the complete package. Period.”

David J. Peebler, Strategic Experience Engineer

Pali Capital

“My 21yr old son had a birthday party for 75 of his friends and mine. We hired DJ Aaron James who begun the evening playing the music that Alexander and his friends had asked for - underground Hip Hop, but was very accommodating in playing something the adults could dance too.  We wound up with a combination of styles and genres of music and both adults and kids took to the floor, twirling each other around, flipping and kicking it up and having a whale of a time. No one sat down for the entire evening. Age groups dissolved. Everyone had fun. So much fun. The music rocked.  I have an event planning and production company and will hire Aaron as many times as I can. He did a great job.”

Carol-Ann Ross, Founder


"Aaron was truly delightful and professional to work with in preparation for our wedding. His demeanor, coupled with his eagerness to please and read a crowd was priceless, as it ensured the success of our party.  The great energy and music played throughout the night … and we were all impressed by his talents. THANKS AARON!!! Hope to work with you again!"

Corrine Cricks


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